Nitro Cars

Nitro Cars

Below are the Best Sellers from a much larger range of Nitro Cars avaiable on the main website. Christmas is approaching fast and these sell fast. For Nitro Cars, you cannot beat their low low price. Select a car for more info, price and opportunity to buy.

On the website is a larger range of RC Cars, RC Helicopters, Remote Control Planes and Tanks.

The XRC Nitro Car at 1/5th Scale

Nitrotek are the sole distributor of the fantastic XRC Racing Nitro Cars. This 1/5th Scale model comes from XRC Racing and would normally set you back £700. Now that nitro cars are becoming more and more popular, they have been able to increase research and lower the cost. So for under half the price of what you used to pay, you still get one top of the range XRC Racing Car.


This RC Buggy is one of the top seller’s out of all the ranges that are for sale on the main website. Again, this would of normally cost much more as it is a XRC Model. The parts such as a the enginer and chasis are made and distributed in the same manufacturing factory so costs are kept down. These Nitro Buggies sell like the wind so get one now before the Christmas rush, and there is normally a huge! Rush. A great example of a high quality of nitro cars.


The ShengQi is the best selling Nitro Truck we have, with a large list of extras. This machine has a powerful engine build with a Japanese Waibro Carburettor, spark’s and can achieve a top speed f 80 kmh so a slow beast it is not. If you would like more info on this powerful monster truck, the see the website. You will find this model sold elsewhere at a much higher price..

Condor - Nitro Radio Controlled Car

The Condor RC Buggy is one of the most popular nitro rc cars and is aimed at beginner’s so the entry level but don’t let that put you off thinking this model from the nitro cars range cannot perform. Designed for performance, this rc car will give you as much fun as a higher spec machine at a low price. Very good as we mentioned for a beginner who will quickly gain skill in controlling rc cars in no time at all.

CONQUISTADOR - Nitro Radio Controlled Car

Nitro Trucks don’t come much more powerful then the Conquistador. It is capable of many obstacles with its shock absorbers ready to take a punishing. The design of the internal’s allow it to go through dust and dirt without anything getting inside. Has got to be one of the most high spec and powerful nitro cars you can buy.

Cyclone and Cyclone Pro Nitro Car

This Cyclone Nitro car is top when it comes to speed within the nitro cars range. If you get the PRO Version, you will get a two speed gearbox, shocks and so much more. A quality nitro car and worth a look, and look again because you know you want one this Christmas. Nitro Cars and Petrol RC Cars are definatly more fun than a console.